What is an auction?

An auction is the most transparent method in which goods and services change hands. Buyers and sellers buy and sell these through the assistance of a professional auctioneer that uses the auction method to establish the highest market price possible for any asset. The auction marketing method is the preferred method for selling everything from antiques, to collector cars, to art, to personal property, to real estate.

Auctions provide people with the opportunity to buy quality products at competitive prices; people are excited to buy! Auctions are a most advantageous type of sale for both buyers and sellers. They have become the first choice for many people throughout the country, especially when a complete and quick liquidation is in order.

How can Epic help me with my auction needs?

From set up and marketing to auction day excitement and from complete accounting to customized service, Epic handles all of your auction needs. We have 40+ years of experience in selling antiques, jewelry, furniture, real estate, special collections, and businesses in the greater Mid-Michigan area. Our professional auctioneers are well trained and work diligently to drive up the prices of the items and/or property so you realize the highest possible prices for your items. We control the transactions in a professional manner and help you through the entire process.

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Can you tell me more about charity auctions?

We have provided services to many charity organizations in Lansing and the surrounding areas including the Capital Area Humane Society, the March of Dimes of Lansing and Traverse City, the Tri-County Office on Aging, the Novi Chamber of Commerce, the Care Free Medical Clinic, the Lansing Area Aids Network, the MSU School of Hospitality Business, the Greater Lansing Food Bank, Child & Family Charities, EC-3, Pathfinder School, the Tasters Guild to benefit Culinary Scholarships, the Dansville, Lansing & Leslie Education Foundations, the Willow Tree Family Center, the Greater Lansing Symphony and many, many more . As with all of our auctions, we’ll help your organization from beginning to end. Having raised more than $6,000,000 for charities over the past several years, we will share our wealth of experience to organize a highly profitable fundraising event for you!

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