appraisalAn estate sale is a great option when the majority of the items in a home need to be sold, and the total value is greater than $8,000. Instead of dealing with all that comes with estate sales yourself, consider reaching out to qualified and professional estate sale specialist who knows how to maximize your profit.

Here are just a few ways estate sales and appraisal services can help you.

  1. Experienced in display and merchandising:
    The experienced Estate seller has the appropriate portable shelving, tables, display racks, tabletop showcases and linens to properly present your merchandise.   As in any store, and this becomes an estate store, proper display is important to maximize total sales.
  2. Specialized Appraisal Experience and Brand Recognition:
    One of the most difficult aspects of estate sale is determining exactly how much each item should be priced. The age and condition of the item has to be considered and the brand of the item also affects its pricing.   An estate sale professional will take the time to examine and appraise specific items individually. This ensures that you’re maximizing your potential profits and not selling valuable merchandise at garage sale prices.   The average heir is not experienced in values and can often be seen throwing away valuable paper, clothing and wood.
  3. They know how to and where to advertise:
    Long gone are the days where a classified ad in the local paper will adequately promote your estate sale. The computer and internet have changed all of that and estate sale attendees have specific sites they search to find your treasures. In addition, specialized items are seen across the country with professional estate sellers having customers come and or call from afar. These out of town sales are an important part of the whole in maximizing your sale.
  4. Ability To Stick To Set Prices:
    Often when people plan and hold their own estate sales, they often overlook the minor details — not the least of which is having to deal with hagglers. It’s simply too easy for DIY-ers to say ‘yes’ to a buyer asking for a deal just because they want to make the sale and get rid of the item. Professional estate sellers, on the other hand, are experienced in dealing with hagglers, often for hours and hours on end. They won’t sell the item until somebody is willing to pay what it’s worth.
  5. Provide detailed records of receipts:
    Most experienced estate sellers have cash registers or appropriate computer software to keep a record of every sale made during the estate sale experience. This record keeping can allow heirs who add things to the estate to have their items properly accounted for as well as assure the itgrityn of the sales process.
  6. They know what to do with the “Mish Mash” leftovers:
    Every sale will have something leftover. Yours will not be an exception. The professional estate sellers know what, when and how to take care of the merchandise left over from your successful sale. Most frequently they will sell the remains in bulk which is far better than having you pay someone to haul it away as trash.

Ultimately, there are more than 15,000 estate sale companies working across America. Working with an experienced professional usually is the best way to get the money you deserve.

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